Patches and Eyes

“Fuck!” Cas yells from under the Mustang. “Solace, you hit something and your front suspension is shit out of luck.” “Cas, we have a problem with this one, too.” Allan calls out from under Andy’s Charger. Both walk over to Solace and show him the metal cylinders that caused the damage. “This was in the … Continue reading Patches and Eyes

Highway Home

“So are you going to tell us what we’re doing?” Andy’s voice is distorted through the CV radio. “We are doing a job for an old… business partner.” Solace responds. “Nancy, right?” Cas chimes from the back seat. “You said her name was Nancy right?” Andy asks. Taking the speaker from Solace, Cas yells back, … Continue reading Highway Home


Uncle Bart’s hand feels like a lead wait on Cas’s shoulder, “young one, you must calm yourself. There is no reason worry yourself over what is happening now.” “I shot him.” “No, you don’t know that,” Jacob says, lighting a cigarette. “How the hell can you say that, we were covered and he still got … Continue reading Hospitals