Hello folks old solace here, once again with a bit of news. I have been afflicted with a terrible ailment which last night rendered me unconscious for the better part of eight hours, or in medical terminology I’m sick with the flu and I needed a nap. It seems that the worst of his has passed but old solace still feels a bit out of tune.

Anyhow, time for the real news. I hope to bring you a new short story in the coming month, a short that is quite long comparing it to the others I’ve produced. It is a continuation of Transparent, a perfectly sized story for the reader on the go, take it on the train, to the office, or on a flight from Saipan to Tinian.

If you are looking for something short but also new to read, fear not you stunning specimens of superior scrutiny and study of the scribed stimulation, on the third of this month I will release to the world the next installment of Journal Entry.

If you devilish dears devour all that I have written, then by all means visit the art and lifestyle of my editor. Looking for a story that will send you into a whirl of nostalgia for younger years, a time when the little things meant life and death for us, like candy, Go on and read Halloween. In this writers mind it’s some of his best work. Though, if it’s a change of pace that you’re looking for, why not head over to his comic Wonder Wig and Alfredo Boy, I heard it cures hang nails.

OK folks, old solace has to go and write now, till next time (insert sign off here).


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