Hey kids, Cas here with raging headache and a pitcher of Lemony Spiked to dull the pain. The boss and J-man are still out, but guess who I picked up from the airport. I’ll give you a hint; he won’t shut his beak for two seconds, craps all over the place and brings small animals home as gifts… that’s right Penn.  The animal thing is a bigger pain when the neighbors come knocking and asking of we’ve seen sparky or lady daffodil.

I’ve been working like a hound trying to build the buzzard a cage, some of my ideas were brilliant but apparently throwing a net over a tree and calling it a day isn’t up to code. Then I thought about bunking him up with my pet Pythons… Solace said no. so rather than argue I just went to the zoo and kidnapped a Keeper, he was against the whole thing until I told him the drinks were on the house, and man can he drink. So far we have the enclosure done but now we have to build the habitat.

So the boss thought it was a boss idea to have us all come up with Bio’s so you all can get to know us better and then write a piece that encapsulated our strengths in writing to show case our talents. Here I thought creative writing classes only took place in collage. I think the only saving grace is that we have no limit to what we can do… I was going to add a disclaimer but you’ve read our work already.

The boss returns tomorrow and wants to be the one to write the Journal Entry so I rest assured it’ll probably be late and will have to do with a woman… that’s his M.O. I suppose. So make sure to tune in on August 9th for that little number, till next time kids (insert sign off here).



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