Hello folks, old solace here back home and well rested. I am not ashamed to admit it, I nearly wept at the utter beauty of my bed, its angelic sheets beckoning me with whispered promises of lilac dreams, the enticing clouds of extraordinary loveliness waiting to be laid upon like the bosom of a longtime lover. Being enveloped in its strikingly marvelous douceur swept me into a forgotten memory where I bubble and frothed and creamed and slobbered with joy. How my body tingled with tremendous transport of a toddler tickled pink. A treasure totally my own, a beautiful bliss brought to me by way of throwing myself into the air, arms and legs splayed out, letting myself feather-fall in to the orgasmic gold mine of my bed. My bed, oh how I missed you.

In other news, Cas did a fine job building the aviary. He and Penn are the best of friends, I thought one would eat the other but I was gleefully wrong. We tried to have Teller sleep in the attic where we keep all the artifacts but she somehow made her way down into the basement where Andy’s office is and we can’t get her to leave. He likes having another set of hands to help him with his hourly bringing down and rehanging of his art work, though. Edgar is afraid of birds so he won’t go near Penn but rather enjoys talking to Teller, though neither can understand what the other is saying. Allan… well he still thinks its January so we are going to brake it to him slowly.

Lastly before I go back to the wonderful wrappings of slumber waiting for me, the final part of black and white will be out for your viewing pleasure on august 16th. It has been a fantastically fabulous jaunt which I am saddened to end. Thank you for joining in the fun… till next time (insert sign off here).


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