The thunder rumble its beat across the sky, the cloud grows anxious with lighting. I watch as it splits open and destroys the nearest mountain top. The ceremony has begun. The great and powerful Itzquemitl, high priestess of Pilo, lifts her arms to great the destruction of the Zaxo mountain tribe. The war of a thousand generation has finally come to an end.

While everyone cheers the fall of an enemy, I slowly make my way to the sanctuary, where the high priestess herself will purify me and nine others for the grim journey to the top of the mountain. The scriptures of this war and its beginning are ancient but one story has been etched in our culture.

One million suns ago when Pilo was but a child in the belly of the moon, the evil spirit Metlhuatl put a curse on the beautiful moon. Not knowing that the moon was with child Metlhuatl transformed the once beautiful creature into a cold stone. When the moon birthed Pilo and saw that her little one was a rock like herself and so the moon began to cry, her tears washed over Pilo and the more she cried the smaller she became.

One day, when she could not cry any longer the moon looked into her child and saw something on its surface. Pilo, like the moon was only stone on the outside but on the inside there were hundreds of creatures that looked like the moon once did. We are the ancestors of those creatures and of the moon. We adapted her ancient name for our people and since the first moment the moon shone her beautiful light on us we have been known as the Xo.

The story goes on to say that after the moon saw our people she decided that we were in danger of an attack from Metlhuatl. As protection she would circle around us, but after shrinking to a quarter the size of Pilo it would take her a full day to do so. This gave Metlhuatl enough time to sneak into Pilo and take the form of a Xo. Once hidden from the moon he tried to currupt our people, sadly it worked on countless Xo, his followers moved into the mountain top and called themselves Zaxo. His work finished, Metlhuatl left the Zaxo an artifact only to be used when their fate seemed terrible, an artifact to call upon the evil spirit for help.

This is what myself and nine other Xo vowed to find and bring back to our high Priestess. We will risk everything to stop the evil from returning to Pilo. At least I think I will.



By Edgar



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