Hello folks, Solace here in the hotel adjacent to Patricia’s apartment complex.  There is a police blockade all around her side of street as they investigate why she isn’t in her now bloodied up flat. We are left to watch as they stumble around swabbing doorknobs and asking people on her floor is she seemed like the type to do this for herself. Luckily Cas knows some people.

He took the letter and the content of the package to show his friends on the inside. Allan is working on a few “secret weapons” for us all and Edgar is fast at work trying to find anything on the thief. I should have asked for help from the very beginning instead of trying to go on an adventure.

Andy and Teller left to… I actually still don’t know. Jacob and Penn have the hardest job, and that’s to tell Patricia’s sister. I remember all those years ago when Patricia and I ran off to the mountains of Russia in search of an elderly man the locals called История человека, or the story man. She nearly fell of the face of the cliff we were trying to climb and I twisted my ankle when I tripped over a tree root. When we finally found him he spoke to us for nearly three days.

We ran around the world for another year before her sister Athena got sick. I brought her back and left, when I returned a few months later Jacob handed me a letter from Athena, she wanted to meet. While she sat at her sister bedside, Patricia retold all of our adventures and Athena was not pleased. She scolded me for putting her sister’s life in danger and asked me never to see her again. This was possibly her dying wish, I had to agree.

Now because of me she is in danger, I have to make things. Till next time (insert sign off here).


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