Hello friends, Jacob here. I have spent the last few days looking for Athena in Père Lachaise; I thought she should know we are looking for Patricia. She got her wish of being nestled under a tree with the roots growing over her headstone. I have to admit I looked quite melodramatic standing in the midst of marble stone, patinated sculptures, looming trees and a vulture on my shoulder.

The rest of the gang is sleeping right now; we’ve all been working hard to find that thing that took Patricia. Cas returned with good news this morning, the detectives think Patricia is still alive. The fact that there was very little blood on the scene and the bits of flesh they found on the pointy part of the iron show that the thing that took her wants her alive. Apart from getting our attention, no one knows why he took her.

I have to admit to you all that it was difficult for me to write this upcoming journal entry, what with all that’s happening, but I have finally finished. Expect it to come out September 27, till next time (insert sing off here).


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