The moon was beautiful that night, brighter then it has ever been. I can still smell the pine needles and hear the trickle of the old fountain. The cool air bit at my arms but you had already taken my coat, having my arm around you would have to do. This was the last night we’d spend together before you would go off on your trip, and we spent it like our first.


I always smiled at the way you would furrow your brow in concentration, regardless of the books humor or lack there of. The impatient way you would hold on to the top of the page ready to turn, even though you had just started the first line. Even when you pointed out how the author portrayed an emotion better then I had in my work, I still smiled.


We took a stroll around the grounds and found a nice warm place to sit. You sang a sweet song and I scribbled away. In the morning I drove you to the airstrip where you would start your journey, the drive was pleasant, not a single tear from either of us. I still remember the way you threatened to clobber me if I “so much as look at another bottom” while you were away.


I remember you saying how you felt like Amelia Earheart jumping into the plan with Solace. I can remember him promising to keep you safe, I knew it would be the other way around. I remember you waiving back at me for the last time.


By Jacob


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