A phone call I received hours after we interrogated one of the thief’s men.

“Hello Solace, it’s been a long time hasn’t it?” the voice is scrambled but I know who it is.

“Where is she?”

“Didn’t Marcus tell you,” his wheezed laugh boils my insides.  “I’m sure you used your powers of persuasion to their fullest.”

“Tell me where she is you fuck,” my voice quivers with fury.

“Come now, where is that wonderfully whimsical way of proper and pristine pronunciation I and other readers have come to loyally lap up?”

“If you harm her—“

“Did you like my packages; it took me such a long time to wrap them up for you. Marcus was there when I did it, he can tell you it was thrilling for me.”

“I don’t know who this Marcus fuck is, but the one we caught didn’t have any information and it’s a little too late to ask him anything else.”

“My dear boy, you killed the wrong man. Tsk, I really thought you would do better. Well I’m off now; I’ve over stayed my welcome here anyway. Honestly another day and Patricia’s parents would have asked me to leave. Oh and expect another package, till next time solace old pal.”

The line cuts and I look over at Allan shaking his head.  Jacob, Teller and Cas stand from their seats and ready their weapons. We can sleep on the plane ride to Amsterdam.


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