Hello folks.

The terrible sight of her parents was too much for us, Cas went near catatonic, Teller broke down and Jacob destroyed half the house trying to find the package. When he did the tears wouldn’t let him open it, he was too afraid of what he would find.

I stayed in the living room doorway, staring at the mutilated bodies. Andy and Allan tended to the others, Edgar waited by my side until he thought I was ready to be moved into the kitchen. When we walked in the table was laden with the content of the package, hundreds of postcards.

The few that are flipped over are either completely painted black or are partially blackened. Allan has taken a dry erase marker to the fridge; I have no idea what his scribbling means. Andy is standing on the counter next to the stove all the while directing teller on which specific cards to flip over. This seems to help her.

I don’t see Jacob anywhere but I think I know where he’s gone too. Three stories later I’m at the steps to the roof, the door is wide open. Pulling out a cigarette the moment I reach the breeze is instinct, figuring out what to say to my oldest friend when I see him weeping isn’t. I stand next to him at the edge, hand him my lit cigarette and light another.

“I fucking hated you when you took her on that adventure, you know that?”

“Yeah, so did Athena.”

“She did, didn’t she?  I remember her calling her witch friends and they built this whole elaborate shrine in your room.” he laughs through the tears.


“She said if Patricia got hurt they would activate it and you would die or turn into a fucking toad, I didn’t really understand them.” We both laugh; he looks over at me and says quietly “please help me get her back.”

“I brought her back once before, I’ll do it again.”

“It’s the ijtunnel.” Andy stands in the doorway pointing out to the street behind us. We can see as cars disappear under the water level.


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