2:30 am

My fever is still 102, my lungs aren’t working to their full potential and I think I am beginning to hallucinate. My phone rang, when I looked at who was calling it said Wisconsin Animal Rescue Rangers, so I think it’s a safe bet to say I was.

3:22 am

My entire body hurts, my sheets are soaked and I think I’ve been kicked out of the WARR for not taking their call. When I stand I am dizzy and winded, every cough is knife in the lungs. By the time I made it to the restroom I was fit to burst.

4:00 am

This is when things got weird. I could hear laughter outside my window, like children playing or participating in some sort of satanic ritual. There was scurrying sounds and puppy whining coming from underneath my house. My sheets kept getting pulled off, and there was something pressing down on my chest.

5:00 am

I found myself outside standing on my neighbor’s lawn. Their front door was wide open and I could hear screaming from inside. I was shaking, from cold or fear I don’t know, but I couldn’t stop. After a minute there was a large shadow in t the doorway, the smell of rotting popcorn filled the air.

5:30 am

I was sitting on my front porch, my head pounding, holding onto a black balloon. The police where at my neighbor’s house, their gone.



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