Hello folks, Solace here and I don’t think I have ever been so cold. It feels like bits and pieces have already fallen off. But seeing as it is my fault we have all had to move out of our home and into the forest, I should be the first to take watch duty. From the top of this tree stand I can see fairly deep into the forest without being spotted by any potential threats.

The cabin is about a half a mile behind me, everyone else is comfy by the fire while I’m sitting here freezing my ass off. Lucky for me Allan threw together a Thermos with a thermal reactive outer surface meaning I can warm my tea with nothing more than my own body temperature and without giving my position away to any one sneaking around.

The only person who knows where we are is Death Kill Jones, I am happy to say he kept his word about having our back. He sent us a letter today, our home was set ablaze. Hundreds of books, photos, memories lost at the hands of mercs. Thanks to Cas’ odd collection, they found eight different remains and assumed it was us.



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