Hello folks, Solace here in the back of heavy metal bands tour bus. I can’t legally tell you what pant they are, but I can say they are Masters of puppetry. Cas new the band and got us all a ride to our next destination, which I also can’t say because of what happened on New Year’s.

I didn’t foresee the viciousness of the “bet” Byron concocted, at exactly midnight our home was riddled with bullets and what I assume was a grenade. Lucky for us we, like many other nerds, we had already prepped for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. We stood our ground long enough to get everyone into Andy’s basement room and batman the hell out of there.

I didn’t see any faces and all I heard was gunfire. No one was hurt, but we were all very scared. After a few called favors and a few hundred miles, we seem to be in the clear. Allan and Edgar have a place for us to set up camp and figure out our next move.

I know you’re reading this Byron, we will see each other soon.


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