Somewhere on this space station, 2.22 hours ago, my first hand was killed by a Hongorphin. I am stuck in the cargo bay for now trying to find a way out, with every exit sealed and Hongorphin soldiers running around that seems like an impossibility. If the Solaris can make it here in time I might have a chance of escaping. If for some reason it can’t, I will have to die fighting. Not how I thought I would spend my Wednesday.

A Hongorphin screams in agony, just my luck they’ve gotten bored and have turned on each other. Solaris has taken too long; this will be my last entry. I will leave my com activated, if this is found I hope I have died a worrier.

“There you are Matthew Cornack, we have been looking for you. “

“Hongor Minkroach, I didn’t think you would be on trash duty.”

“Fool, you will die today.”

(Fazer noise)

–Connection lost…


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