The planet is a merciless wasteland of tormenting sand storms, bitterly cold nights and thousand degree days. Luckily for me I have a nice cold mojito, a sun hat and two stick to rub together. You may be asking yourself why I would put myself in this situation, a situation of danger and adventure. Well I’ll tell you, I am Sebastian Intiring Calfor Dright III, son of Endamore, Knight of the Fayrogian army, Guardian of the Galaxy First Class, and adventurer extraordinaire.

I have come to the planet Z59 in the Chrono Star Cluster to observe the Ondon. A reptilian race that is born a savage beast, ready to tear anyone that comes across them in half without batting an eye. Forty survey parties, each one hundred strong, have died on this planet at the hands of the Ondon. I will prevail, where they have failed. Not only will I prove my skill at taming the wild beasts, I will bring back the information the O.R.B. needs for their bioorganic planetary research.

The Ondon are a very primitive life form, they fight their way out of their mothers tooth and nail. Only to be slaughtered by the hungry alpha males if they don’t find cover. Humanoid in nature, these beasts are covered in large scales. In a matter of hours the young that survive grow out of their pink and vulnerable skin at adopt a sort of armor around their chest, back and genitals.

I will be following the progress of a young male I have named Reginald II, after my corgi. I was going to follow another I named Donald, but he died after Reginald II ate him. Which is fine by me, I have come to see myself in this cannibalistic creature; he is like a son to me now. I worry for him, like when the bigger boys try to rip his arms off, or when an adolescent female tried to make him hers. He in turn ravaged her, with a stiff upper lip, and sent her on her way. Sadly, only having born five hours ago, I will not be a grandfather today.

After what I surmise as being playful training, Reginald has defeated another of his siblings and is wearing his head as a hat. I dare say he tilts it to the side in a devil may care way to acknowledge my presence. None the less I must stay ever vigilant, or I may run out of mojitos. I will be turning in for the night; I hope my fire does not startle the poor boy.

Upon waking I had to fight off an adolescent male who unwittingly wandered into my camp. I now know firsthand how dens their armor is, it took a good knife jab to castrate the animal, and I now have a water cup. The scent of the dead Ondon attracted more of them; I only had to fight two before the rest ran off. Reginald, now a mighty adult, took advantage and mated with all the available females. In a day’s time, I will be a grandfather.

– Sebastian

by: Allan


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