Cas: welcome back kids. This is the last part of the Edgar interview and I think I’m ready to go, what about you?

Edgar: interview me like you’ve never interviewed any one before.

C: you’re my first.

E: no wonder I was doing all the work.

C: (smiles) we left off with you talking about your journalism career. Apart from the entertainment section, did you get to cover any other stories?

E: that was my only venture into journalism, if that’s what you’re asking. I worked as a ‘ghost’ for writers like Philip d’Encrier, Joanna Chenille, and Fleur d’Eau. There were others but I fear I may still be under contract, even all these years later.

(Lights a cigarette) I remember when I was nineteen, I was hired to work as the poet laureate for Abraham Corian, sixteenth in line for the English thrown and a staple in Paris. Four months later I was chased out of the Corian Villa with nary a care for my lack of clothes. Luckily at that time of night only the brothels were open and their dress code was perfect for this emperor and his new style. I also had the good fortune of working with the top historian of the day, and Austrian woman named Hannah Vergangenheit. Marvelous dancer and fascinating nudist, she was without a doubt the greatest writers of all time.

C: why is that?

E: most of the things we take as fact were but ravings of a mad woman.

C: how do you mean?

E: she made half of it up… and me the other. There are things in your history books that should not make sense, and for good reason. Now I know you are going to ask but I cannot say, at least not without feeling the wrath of her kin for exposing such a secret.

C: then why even bring it up.

E: for boasting rights I suppose, but more to give the readers something to look for when they aren’t here.

C: a little change in subject, if you don’t mind. When and how did you meet Allan?

E: well I was walking the streets after a grueling day of writing for my column when a man burst out of the door to my left. He looked strange in his chosen attire, an all-black body suit with silver trimming around the shoulders and cuffs. He looked over at me and then back though the doorway he came though. I noticed an expression of fear, as any good human being I grabbed him and took him to the safety of the closest Café.

He thanked me by letting me buy him a drink, his story was bizarre beyond belief. He told me his name was Solace and that he came from the future, he was brought here by his friend Allan. He needed to get to the Eiffel tower before midnight, it was already half past eleven, and if he didn’t there would be no way for him to return to his time. I agreed to take him.

C: just like that, you decided not that he was a nut case but a man of sound mind?

E: what did I care I had nothing better to do. Anyway I walked out of the café and he followed me. A few streets down a group of men turned a corner and Solace ran off in the other direction. The men ran past me, their footfalls sounded like metal buckets being clanged on the ground. I ran after the lot of them, finding them in a cul de sac with the men beating the holly hell out of my new friend. I did what any gentleman would do and smashed the closest in the head with an upturned trash bin. I was startled to see his head roll off, but I almost fainted when I saw that his body would not relent in its attack on Solace.

Though I continued my fight until there was enough of an opening for Solace to escape. We ran flat out but could not lose the half destroyed automatons. We made it to the Tower with minutes to spare, I have no idea how we made it to the top with one minute left but we did. He started fiddling with a small device and pointed it at the sky, I knew I didn’t want to be left to fend off the toys coming up the stairs so I grabbed him. In that instant a bolt of lightning struck the tower and I felt no more. We I went numb for a few seconds and then fell down on my arse.

Solace helped me up, but when I looked at him it wasn’t solace. This was a dark skinned man with lovely hazel eyes, parted hair and gorgeous features. He spoke to me in a deeply tender voice before I feigned lightheadedness. He held me close and I went in for a kiss, which he did not object to.

C: my god that’s hot. You had a space crush.

E: we weren’t in space.

C: what do you know, you were only there. Any way this is the end of our little interview I hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed talking. Thank you for the memories Edgar, anything you want to say?

E: this was fun, I loved it. And till next time (insert sign off here).


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