Allan: Hello, Allan here, ready to interview Cas. I was lucky to have some time to build a question machine, it takes all of the questions ever asked on the internet and organizes them in terms of importance. I’ve had it running for the past two days and it finally finished. Forty-eight hours and the first ten questions are a variation of “How many cats do you own?” so I think I’ll just wing it.

Cas: I don’t have any cats…. (Winks at a non-existent camera) well not in the small fuzzy animal anyway.

A: I don’t get it. Any way I think a lot of people, including myself, would like to know what your full name is.

C: Benjamin Casanova Boudreaux.

A: French?

C: Louisiana-French.

A: I never knew you were from Louisiana, can you tell us about growing there.

C: I was born and raised not too far from Bourbon Street. I had four smaller brothers and a grandma. We all lived in a two bedroom house with a fantastic vegetable garden in the back yard.

A: Five boys, your Grandmother must have been one tough woman.

C: ah hell man, she would whoop the hell out of us if we got out of line. Lord forbid we stayed out before the street lamps went on, she would have skinned us alive. Being a smart ass I would wait till they turned them back off before I got home. Needless to say that shit didn’t fly the first time I did it, the second time I did it I was married with kids.

A: wow you were married… no let’s save that till a little bit later. You are the only one of us who is a university graduate aren’t you?

C: yeah Al, I don’t think that’s going to go down to well with the readers… but they don’t know where we are so I’ll run with it. Yes I went on for higher education and finished with flying colors. I have a masters in communications and a bachelors in Political Science, which means I was on my way to being the Lobbyist of the century till my grandma said that’d be worse than a lawyer. I also took and passed the bar exam, but she didn’t know that.

A: Edgar wanted me to ask this question, “what”… sorry “who did you do in college?”

C: (laughs) he would wouldn’t he? Well I don’t really know. There were a lot and I don’t think I ever will. I think some people get the wrong idea and think I’m sort of man whore. I am but I’m not, I just like having the company of another one night and a different one the next.

Plus, my brothers are worse than me. I at least settled for a while.

A: another question a lot of people were asking, what exactly do you do for Thoughts of a thinker?

C: I am the PR man and the merc. When I was first brought on Solace and Jacob where still walking around with manuscripts in suitcases trying to sell their work. I worked my magic and made them rock stars. I made sure publishers like Stein & Haggle itched to read what they wrote, Foremen, Foremen & Citch were knocking down our door for the next couple of pages to the book they haven’t finished mapping out. And all I did was tell them that production houses like Florentine and House of Wax wanted movie rights. It wasn’t a total lie because afterwards they did just that.

A: what about the mercenary work?

C: when I said that it was a joke, mind you. But I had a stint as a jar head for a couple of years before I got shot up and was honorably discharged. With that I moonlit as a bodyguard whenever they [Solace and Jacob] would do readings at some Avant Gard, turtleneck uniform, lazy cigarette coffee shop. Recently though I have been more of a gun man. But you knew that.

Oh speaking of which I need to take a quick stroll around the cabin, mind if we take a break?

A: I forgot it was your night, yes we should do that. We will be back with the rest of this interview.


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