Allan: we are back, how was the perimeter scout?

Cas: we may have to move soon, I found another two thugs less than four hundred yards away. My drop quarry is getting full and someone will take notice soon.

A: how many has it been?

C: I’ve never liked to keep count, it makes it harder to sleep.

A: do you mind if I ask you about it?

C: go ahead.

A: how did you fall into this skill?

C: like I said before, I had military training… I know, cliché as all hell. But the service only helped me become more efficient. I was accustomed to this line of work ever since I was a kid back in Louisiana, another cliché, when I was drawn in by some shady people. I was an idiot kid, later to become an idiot adult. I always had a thing for rhetoric and it got me out of more than a couple near ass beatings. When I joined the military I had to learn to keep my mouth shut, or I’d get a boot in it.

This is the reason my wife and kids are no longer around. Some old skeleton from the idiot kids past came around while daddy was out and left them there for me to find.

A: fuck, I’m so sorry.

C: it wasn’t you, so why are you sorry. The only thing I regret is letting the police nab the bastard before I could.

A: I hope you don’t mind the change in subject, but how about telling us how you met solace.

C: ah man, it was in a dilapidated ass house boat bar in Vermillion bay. I was during one of my many stupors, knee deep in a bottle, half dead and only a quarter alive when the door opens. This safari hat wearing, dock martin boot clad kid walks in and asks Anthony the barman for a Cosmo. Let me tell you, tony didn’t even know how to spell it let alone spill it, but this kid walked him though it and before you know it we had a ‘solace in a teacup’ written on the menu for everyone to order.

He sat next to me and stuck up a conversation about some voodoo man trying to steel his beard. Told him that with it he could look into the souls of his enemies. I asked him why, he stood up puffed up his chest and announced to the room with his fuck it flag waving “because I am a writer!” I never laughed so goddamn hard. But the kid had me, along with the rest of the drunks, locked into his stories of adventure, women, and fights. Which is a mistake when you’re in a room full of Louisiana boys after a few drinks. Out of nowhere a stool hit him in the head and a foot cracked him in the ribs. Since I was sitting by him I was attacked too. Solace may have seemed like a kind soul at the time, but he had a heavy hand. He and I took out a couple of guys before we were tossed into the bay. By the time we made it to land I was signed on to his company and was told to meet up with him and his partner at Benny airport for our first company outing.

A: to the point I suppose.

C: crazy little fuck I said, but you can attest to all the fun we have. Now I’m here doing something I never thought I’d do and doing it rather well.

A: I think that’s all I have, want to end the show?

C: this was Allan and Cas, stay tuned for the next weeks interview of Andy. Till next time kids (insert sign off here).


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