Hey folks,

So there wont be an episode of ToT this week, you may have already figured that out. Also, you may have guessed this from my very subtle and ominous title, the episode coming up will be a finale episode. I am taking the extra week to make this part extra long, I am still deciding on whether it should be one really long post or if I should cut it up and send it out all at the same time. I hope you have enjoyed it so far and I hope you’ll be there when the team comes back. Thank you.


A new series is in the works, I was testing out two ideas and have made a decision on which will follow ToT. Niander has been gutted and re-written (story-boarded to be honest) and will begin late April early May. I will leave the content that is already on here up for another two weeks, please have a look and compare the hell out of it when the series begins. Again, thank you.




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