Hello kids, Cas here to let you know that the project is taking longer than expected. I really hate that they make me the bearer of bad news but as any bird has said on the Flintstones, fuck it. I paraphrase. The tigers got out and took over the playground the next park over, recruited a bunch of children and now call themselves the Ostriches… I don’t know why.

Jacob let slip about the note he sent off to Patricia out in London to help us with the little thief problem. He also told me how he hopes Solace won’t find out; I guess putting it on the internet on a website he runs will stop that. That wasn’t total sarcasm mind you, he is afraid of sliding doors.

Something to look forward to, all of the staffers will be writing out a journal entry from now until we get this project going. Mine of course will be the sexiest as I have a sexy pen to write with… its mahogany. We will undoubtedly choose the order the same way we chose everything else, with a write off. Basically we open a book, read the top line and make a story out of it and we literally grade them by checking spelling, grammar, etc. and the worst goes first and so on. Well kid-o’s till next time (insert sign off here).


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