When I woke up, I was lying face down under the porch swing, again. My clothes were filthy with vomit, blood, piss and what looked like mud. The cloud laden sky shown blue and the gentle breeze prickled my forearms. I peeled myself off the floor, used the railing for support, and made my way down the steps and around the side of the house. The hinges on the gate squawk in the early morning chill and the Koi lap at the water’s surface looking for breakfast. A yard over I can hear Randy’s Blood hound digging up the Daisies.

I finally make it to the back door and lucky for me the hinges don’t whine about being up so early like the gate did. The smell wasn’t an issue outside but inside makes a hell of a lot of difference. Hacking and gaging I make my way upstairs, passing the empty rooms where my children once slept and walking into the master bedroom where the light hasn’t worked for a year.

After Marissa left I haven’t done much handy work around the house. God I was a dick to her, sleeping around and coming home drunk. Seven years of marriage, beautiful twins, all lost. I think ill go to a bar later tonight.


By Cas.


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