I have tried everything to make myself happy, nothing seems to work. My optimism is fading away like the embers of my fireplace. Everything I have tried to do to make her feel better is in vain. She will never love me, I don’t think I will ever feel warm again. The death chill that runs up and down my spine seems forever forged in my body. The icy breath of depression lingers over me like the wicked clouds of the mountain, my souls fountain will never shed another trickle of water. The gold in my eyes will never be found, the sky is black with malice, tortured with the beautiful moon I thrive for, with the beautiful moon that weeps for the sun, and I am but a lonely dieing plant. I do not shine, I do not bring her to a full glow like the sun. I just get in the way or his ray, her ray. The universe is so cold and lonely, vast and dark, deep and… unfair. The stars twinkle in mockery of my love for the moon, a love that will haunt me for all eternity for when a planet dies it is a rock and anything left behind is forever a reminiscence of lost dreams and stupid hopes. I ask my self why I thought a rock could win the heart of the moon, why I thought this would happen soon, I do not know, I feel terrible, the universe is unbearable. Only one thing can ever bring this planet to life and she wont ever bother to shine on me again. Yet like the planet I am, I suppose ill still be around to block the sun when it burns to hot for her liking. I will feel her anger as she floods me, destroys me. I have to, because no planet can live with out his moon. Especially one like mine.


by Allan


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