The cold air of the bright morning bites at Solace’s lips, he drops the spent cigarette from his hand with all the others. Jacob walks out the front door with a smile and wearing the gift Patricia gave him.

“How’s it feel being dressed by a girl?”

“Like a dream. This stuff is proper clean, not worn once or twice clean but closet clean.”

“Oh, how I envy you.”

“Really, you envy Jacob? You used to be such an interesting boy.” Cas walks out the front door.

The three of them get into Jacobs car, Cas gets a fright when he finds himself sitting next to Andy eating an apple. They look at each other and Andy offers some of his apple, Cas politely refuses.

“Where are we going?” Andy asks.

“To the Psycho Bar and Grill to talk to… where the hell did you come from?” Solace almost yells.

“From the house, I’ve been here for 20 minutes.”

“Is there trouble on the Savanna, Chief?” Cas asks.

“Nope, she snores. Let’s go I want waffles.”

Twenty minutes later the four of them walk into the Psycho Bar, Andy walks right up to the bartender and asks for his waffles. The others order drinks; Cas makes his way to a small group of Giggling Girls having brunch. Jacob sits next to Andy and tries to steal a Waffle; he is put in his place with a well brandished plastic spork.

Solace walks to the kitchen door and knocks. The cook pokes his head out and whispers directions, which solace follows. He orders another drink and walks it to the furthest booth still facing the bar. Form the Kitchen door two very tall very beefy men emerge. They ripple their way to solace and part to reveal Toney ‘Death Kill’ Jones, the midget leader of the biker gang known as the Destroyers.

“How it be, Solace? To long it’s been since we last road together.” Tony extends his hand, which Solace takes, and they begin their elaborate hand shake.

“It has been, hasn’t it? How have you been, Jones?”

“You know me, nigga can’t sit still too long with so many lanes to burn my rubber on, dig.” He hops on into the booth and takes the drink Solace brought him. “Whachoo kneed from the Destroyers, who we got to kill?”

“I need information.”

“You got the pay?”

Solace hands him an envelope. Tony opens it and reads what’s on the paper, “The wife is going to like this little poem, thanks. I’m guessing you here to ask about the new prick in the thorn bush, I couldn’t help but hear your name whenever he came up. It sounds like you made some impression on him, that nigga wants you dead.”

“I heard about a bet Byron made, what’s that all about?”

“He don’t want to catch you his self, he know what your ass is capable of. Anyway there are enough mercs out there just waiting for money to fall from the sky like some green rain from god. I don’t want to alarm you but watch out for anyone with dark alley creds or a bullet badge.”

“Will you collect?”

“Nah Nigga, the Destroyers got your back. But I’d tell Cas to watch his dick with them; I bet at least one of them has a bigger one than his.”


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