Dear Ma,

It’s your little boy Rodney, sorry I haven’t written in you in so long it’s been real busy here at the docks. Thank you for the last package you sent me, those sheets were softer than a Palodon’s backside let me tell you. Oh and thank Aunt Martha for me, her cookies were delicious.

I worked on a Starback today; she hit an asteroid, thinking it was a meteor munchies, while in orbit and got her flipper pretty dinged up. The guy who owns her thought she was being lazy, he aint no adventure mind you, just some rich kid from the inner planets. I patched her up and refueled her before he took off without leaving a tip.

Remember that Lageckian, Russ Warnick, well he tried to rob us again, with another Tion weapon, too. It’s a good thing Mr. Vyserath is part Tion part scary son of a bitch, he always takes care of him. he ran away like a girl heading to Mow Parade.

Speaking of girls, your little boy Rodney met a really nice one the other day. Don’t worry ma she’s human, her name is Trillian and she works for the Dockers as a receptionist. She put my time off request on the Bosses desk and now we have a date next Wednesday. If she lasts I’ll take her home for a visit in the summer, I promise.

I talked to a few of the Star Walkers and one actually seemed interested in taking me on as crew. Maybe when he comes back from his next job your boy will be a proper adventurer. Anyway the United Galaxy Units won’t take me on account of my time served. Oh well, star Walker it is.

Enough about me, how did the surgery go, can you swim with your eyes closed now? I hope Aunt Martha doesn’t have to read this to you ma, I was really concerned when you told me about it, but if you want amphibious eyes why not.

Sorry the letter is so short but I’m writing it during my lunch, the guys are calling me a regular Picasso because of it. I don’t think that’s the guy’s name but what do I know. Hope to hear from you soon ma.


Rodney D.

Hope my Editor, Andy, doesn’t mind this one.


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