Ten Years Ago: Part One

It was a back alley somewhere near the bus station. I feel that’s how a story should start when it takes place in Los Angeles. Byron and I were cold and sober, we had just taken an overnight bus from Nevada and where dying for a bite to eat. And this back alley smelled like … Continue reading Ten Years Ago: Part One


Crazy Eight

Patricia, holding a yoga mat in one hand and a bottle of water in the other, makes her way up to the roof of the club house. She climbs the stairs as fast as possible while maneuvering around old liquor bottles and beer cans. She is already late for her work out with Vera, Penn … Continue reading Crazy Eight


Uncle Bart’s hand feels like a lead wait on Cas’s shoulder, “young one, you must calm yourself. There is no reason worry yourself over what is happening now.” “I shot him.” “No, you don’t know that,” Jacob says, lighting a cigarette. “How the hell can you say that, we were covered and he still got … Continue reading Hospitals