Interview: Allan Part 1

Edgar: hello my lovelies, Edgar here ready to interview Allan.  He on the other hand is not here yet, probably in the basement tinkering on something more important. Jacob: (from the door way) aren’t you supposed to interview Allan? E: yes but his is working. J: hmm well, you want a drink. I can wait … Continue reading Interview: Allan Part 1

Interview: Cas Part 2

Allan: we are back, how was the perimeter scout? Cas: we may have to move soon, I found another two thugs less than four hundred yards away. My drop quarry is getting full and someone will take notice soon. A: how many has it been? C: I’ve never liked to keep count, it makes it … Continue reading Interview: Cas Part 2

I Promise

I am able to stand and hop up the altar before the pew I was in catches fire. Legs bound, I trip and knock Cas and the others over. I feel the inferno building behind me; we don’t have time for this shit. “What the hell is going on?” Jacob asks straining against his bonds. … Continue reading I Promise