Uncle Bart’s hand feels like a lead wait on Cas’s shoulder, “young one, you must calm yourself. There is no reason worry yourself over what is happening now.” “I shot him.” “No, you don’t know that,” Jacob says, lighting a cigarette. “How the hell can you say that, we were covered and he still got … Continue reading Hospitals

Lock Your Windows

“You two need to get some privacy, and stop taking notes.” Jacob says to Andy and Teller. “Go away.” Teller responds. “Leave the camera.” Andy says adjusting the light. “Bring the canola oil.” Edgar grunts as he takes his kimono. Jacob walks away slowly, stopping only to shudder. Memories of threshold thrashing pasts return to … Continue reading Lock Your Windows

I Promise

I am able to stand and hop up the altar before the pew I was in catches fire. Legs bound, I trip and knock Cas and the others over. I feel the inferno building behind me; we don’t have time for this shit. “What the hell is going on?” Jacob asks straining against his bonds. … Continue reading I Promise