A bit of news: Andy

Hi it’s Andy again. Allan, Edgar and I are still in Patricia’s parents’ house. We’ve only just received transition from the others, which Allan says is because they have been underground. It’s going to take a while to mesh together all of the information. Before you start thinking bad things, Cas had one of his … Continue reading A bit of news: Andy


A bit of news

Hello folks, this is what happened at Stonehenge.     The bitter cold of a Wiltshire night is nothing to laugh at, goddamn it its cold out here. Why are my thoughts projected out in front of me? Where the hell did that little camera come from? “Did anyone else getting your thoughts on these … Continue reading A bit of news

A bit of news.

Hello folks, Solace here in the hotel adjacent to Patricia’s apartment complex.  There is a police blockade all around her side of street as they investigate why she isn’t in her now bloodied up flat. We are left to watch as they stumble around swabbing doorknobs and asking people on her floor is she seemed … Continue reading A bit of news.